The Miracle Bottle

Dear FlyLady,

I kept reading testimonials about the water bottle and I kept thinking about it. I do have a tendency to succumb to way too many pitches about the latest and greatest product so I kept resisting.

Oh, but I did love the idea of no more plastic water bottles and no more stopping at gas stations for bottled water when the kids and I were out for a long run of errands/shopping. (You really can’t get anything done with thirsty kids!)

I wouldn’t need just one though, I would need three and at $15 a pop plus shipping?that is a lot of water bottles before I have gained back my money.

I finally broke down and ordered the three bottles, they came quickly and I tagged one black, one pink and one orange and we started carrying them with us. I would put some ice and water in them and we’d start our day.

I didn’t fill up mine with ice, don’t like icy water just about 3 cubes at 7:30 a.m. I went into my office about 8:40 AM and I had left my new bottle in the car in our un-shaded parking lot?  Oh, well. At 5:40 that afternoon in 93 degree weather I went back to my car. It was hot, the outside of the bottle was warm and, of course, I was sure the ice was melted-probably long before. I opened the bottle and had very cool refreshing water to drink.

I picked up my kids and told them about the bottle and my 7 yr old exclaimed, “whoa! They should call this thing a miracle bottle!”

We love our miracle bottles and I am pleased to see them back in stock — I just ordered 2 more for a friend and I have a co-worker who is stockpiling some for Christmas gifts.

They are more than worth the money spent!

JF in GA

FlyLady here: We looked high and low to be able to offer a good stainless water bottle that you can fill up, drink from, wash out and reuse. You do save money in the long run and you aren’t putting plastic in the land fills!

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