Crazy Schedule No Problem

Dear FlyLady,

My fiance and I are under contract for a house, and are in the due diligence period.

He works 10 hour shifts, and I run my own business, so I’m scheduling all the appointments, inspections, constantly on the phone w/ the realtor, etc. LUCKILY, we use your calendar.

He doesn’t have “set” days off and our schedules get pretty crazy– add all the house appointments in, and you could see how quickly it could turn into a disaster. But everything is cool. I can glance at the day and see if he’ll be joining me or working, and he can look and see what all is happening that day so I don’t have to check in with him every hour about the house. It’s the only thing keeping me sane right now, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

During my last semester of college, we were in a 1 room apartment (from a 4 room house w/ roommates) with stuff EVERYWHERE. I dislocated my left pinky toe on a rolled up yoga mat (I didn’t even do yoga!). That was this time last year. Last week I dislocated the same toe on a box of chicken brooding supplies. My Dad, who has such a lovely way with words, said I either needed to get rid of some crap or get rid of my toe. I thought DUH! That’s what FlyLady has been saying!!

I don’t even have the chickens yet, so WHY are the supplies in my ROOM?! Baby Steps…
FlyBaby L in GA

FlyLady here: Ouch…broken toes really hurt!! Where were your lace-up shoes?

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