Purple Rag Weekend

Dear FlyLady, 

I just had to tell you about the purple rag weekend I had recently.

Friday is my errand day, and it all started Friday afternoon when I got home from the grocery store. I had purchased Barkeeper’s friend in powder form.

I pulled the bottle out to show my husband and white powder went everywhere (the container had busted on the way home). I had never bought this before, so I sent my four legged critters outside and cleaned it all up with a purple rag.

I took the wet rag and the rest of the powder up to the bathroom to clean the glass shower doors. The wet rag was basically clean because all the powder and hair/trash from the floor had rinsed off the purple rag. Wet rag in hand I used it and the powder to get water spots off the glass door…impressive jobs and not streaks. I also used another purple rag to dry the doors.

Saturday I had already decided to clean the oven out. We have lived here for 7 months, and I hadn’t cleaned it, yet (partly because it looked like it had never been cleaned). That was a real chore, um I mean workout. I sprayed cleaner, waited the suggested 2 hours and scrubbed as hard as I could with apurple rag (three times).

That rag was awesome, it really got the mess up, and I didn’t worry at all about my oven getting scratched. At one point, I even took a butter knife wrapped in the purple rag and worked on the more difficult parts.

Between Friday and Saturday, I also used a rag on my bird’s cage (no cleaner, just hot/steamy water), the daily bathroom swish and swipe.

So last night, I gathered my rags (9 total), gave them a well earned spa washin’, let them dry and put them away – ready for another day.

Thanks for everything you do!!


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