Struggles with Laundry

Dear FlyLady, Laundry Sorter

I am a SAHM who has always struggled with laundry.

During the holiday season I was working 30 plus hours in retail. Part of my job was taking care of “go-backs,”  meaning I would walk the floor, check dressing rooms, then  fold or hang the clothes (perfectly) and put them away (perfectly).

Suddenly, my laundry problem seemed rather small. I can fold (nearly perfectly, as I have plenty of practice), hang and  put put away a huge load of laundry in minutes. I figured that if I could clean an entire department store floor in an hour, I can certainly keep our closets an  drawers straight. Perfect? No. Organized? Relatively.

The only reason my laundry gets out of control from time to time is procrastination. I no longer leave clean clothes lying around while waiting for the next load in a misguided effort to be “efficient.” Now I do not need to re-wash clean clothes that got covered in dog hair, which happens quickly in my home.

If I know I do not have the time or desire to put away a load of clothes, I leave it in the dryer and do something else. It is easier to re-run the dryer for a couple of minutes to loosen any wrinkles than to re-wash an entire load!

This happens less frequently as time goes by. An extra load of laundry a day is helping me chip away at the mountain slowly but surely.

Fluttering in California…

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