The House Fairy is Back

Dear Friends,

The House Fairy is BACK! And now she’s magical and more powerful than ever!  Go to her website  and have your children, ages three to ten, view the “Pick up five things” video and watch them run to their rooms to do just that.

The twelve-week program is designed so you and your children will get three to five short, creative, fun House Fairy videos every week. I’m baby stepping you and your children so you won’t be overwhelmed. You’ll also get a weekly email every Monday, from me, telling you just what to do that week and how to use the fun printed materials.

The House Fairy will help your children WANT to keep their rooms neat and tidy, be considerate of others, share household chores, and have a kind and happy attitude and more.

Hugs from Fairyland!


Click here to visit The House Fairy’s Website

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