Out of Sight; Out of Mind

Hi FlyLady,

I’m still struggling with getting my house in order, but I wanted to let you know I’ve had a mini breakthrough recently. I read your message where you mention that the feather dusters will get eaten up by dust mites if they are kept in the dark and never used.

Well, that described my poor feather duster, it was hung in our utility room which rarely or never sees the sun. And because it was out of sight, I never seemed to get it out and use it, either. It was a very neglected feather duster.

Well, that has changed.

I brought the feather duster into our sitting room, which is filled with light, and it now lives in a beautiful painted container that I keep our walking sticks and umbrellas in. It looks lovely in all it’s feathery splendor, but best of all, because it’s out there in the open, I see it frequently, and I now am using it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It’s such a wonderful feeling to swish that feather duster around, picking up dust and cobwebs, and then I go shake it outside to bless the world as you’ve instructed us to think of it.

I’ve even told my son about the blessing the world bit, I think he actually enjoyed shaking that duster, too! (I think he’s a struggling BO who’s been forced to live in a messy house for too long.)

Sometimes when I see the dust and cobwebs flying away I wonder if they might make it all the way to North Carolina to bless you!

It’s fast and fun, and I love how virtuous I feel each time I use that duster. Thank you for helping me on my journey to become a tidier person, Marla. I’ve certainly not taken the fast track to flying, but little by little I’m getting there. Please do not despair of me.

(It’s the decluttering that is defeating me!! And the fact that despite what you tell us with every single message, for some reason I cannot just jump right in!! I always think, oh that doesn’t apply to me, I need to do this or that BEFORE I jump in — and the this or that NEVER GETS DONE!! This is a real problem for me, maybe you can address this issue in one of your essays, I can’t be the only struggling flybaby with this can’t-jump-right-in mentality, can I?)

I’ve just shaken that feather duster again, sending all good thoughts and wishes in your direction! Huge hugs and kisses to you, dear Marla, and all your wonderful FlyLady team —

Lisa C, struggling to fly in France

FlyLady here: I am sending Lisa and all of you really big hugs!

I will never despair of you!

The feather duster is a tool that helps you bless your home. I also consider it a decorative tool. My duster sits in my umbrella stand in my foyer. I, too, am reminded to pick it up and bless my home and then the world.


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