My Dusters Have Been Kidnapped

Dear FlyLady


My Feather Dusters have been “adopted permanently by my father and sister! We are in the middle of a move and had to stay in interim housing for about 2 weeks. While there, my father graciously let us store the things I would need right off the bat at his house.

(I went through the moving control Journal, and it has saved us a ton of stress and the flings and blessing others has been a God Breeze for us!)

ANYWAY, my dusters are carefully stored in my cleaning buckets. Well, my dad used one, and when my sister came over and saw him, she had to try the Dusting Demon!  Well, one duster is mysteriously in my father’s cleaning cupboard and the other is at my sisters house across town.

They both say, just till I get settled.

Well, I went to get the buckets last night as we are moving this weekend, and they won’t give them back! They LOVE THEM!!!

I offered to get them for their Birthday, they are both the same day, they said they would just consider the ones they took as their gifts now, they don’t want to risk getting an Imitation! LOL

SOOOO I will be ordering dusters AGAIN. They are the BEST!

Flying In Utah
FlyLady here: Our feather duster grabs the dust and holds it until you take it outside to shake it and bless the world.

We have updated and improved our feather duster.The Extreme FlyLady Duster is similar to our previous feather dusters, but with some added enhancements.

This is an amazing tool to add to your Weekly Home Blessing Hour toolbox!

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