She Refused the Jacket

Dear FlyLady,

I have to admit that when my sister first told me I needed the FlyLady, I was skeptical.

I had called her to offer her a jacket that one of my best friends had given me that I couldn’t wear and thought maybe she could. She refused to take it, telling me that she was getting rid of stuff out of her house and nothing new was coming in. She told me her house was slowly getting clean and she didn’t even have to use the power shovel!!

So I decided to give this FlyLady thing a try.

I shined my sink….and started doing the baby steps. A couple of weeks after I started, one of my DearDaughter’s best friends came over and said, “Mom, your house looks like you don’t have kids. It’s WEIRD!” My Dear Son accused me of being OCD, but took care of the mountain of his clothes that I had washed and folded. I knew, though, that I was onto something when my DS APOLOGIZED for leaving a cup on my clean end table and took care of it, the a few days later was washing the glass she had just used because she didn’t want to mess up my clean sink. Hmmmmm.

I ordered the purple rags after my sister selflessly gave me one of hers to try. Then it was the Clog Cannon. My bathroom sink has drained slow since I moved in 7 years ago. I had it power-snaked once and it was better for a while…but it was slow again and even industrial drain cleaner didn’t help! Two blasts from the Clog Cannon fixed it right up! It’s so much easier to have a shiny sink when the sink drains!! Worth every penny!!

But I knew the FlyLady had made a real difference for me when I got a call from one of my best friends a few weeks ago. He had lost his job, and with it his home, which was part of his compensation package. He had 7 days to get out and nowhere to go. Without hesitation, I offered to let him come and stay with me. After I hung up the phone, I realized the prospect of opening my home to someone did NOT cause immediate panic!

The last time that friend came to visit, I was spending half the night cleaning every night for almost a week because I couldn’t have anyone see my house looking like it looked.

Thank you, FlyLady, for making my home a much nicer place to live! I’m not done decluttering yet, but I’ve made great progress!!

Fluttering in Michigan

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