Vroom-A-Zoom-Zoom! Just Watch Her Go!

Dear FlyLady and Friends,

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the dustmop.

I’ve never had one before and didn’t know what I was missing. We have 4 DPs (dear pets) 2 dogs, 1 puppy and a cat, in addition to 4 DC (dear children).

Most of my floors are tile/wood so I would sweep and sweep and sweep and still there would be pet hair around the edges or just clinging to the floor for dear life. Well, let me say – NO MORE!

I just vroom around with my new fabulous dust mop and nothing stands a chance! I still sweep, but I don’t have to sweep as often and the result of the dustmop is so much more satisfying as the floor actually looks clean!

The dustmop was worth saving for and waiting for. It is sturdy and I like that I can make it taller if I need to. I’ve used it dry and damp and love the results of both. I have washed the cloth by hand and let it dry and it’s as good as new (though I did buy replacement cloths when I bought it so I’d be prepared).

Thank you again for providing me (us) with a tool that not only gets the job done, but which is a great value for the money.

The next thing on my list is the Dryer Lint Kit and if I can swing it, the water bottle.

Thanks for never giving up on us and for all that you do for us. Just seeing your emails in my inbox lets me know that I am loved if I’m feeling down.

Love to all,

FlyLady here: The FlyLady Mop is one of the best tools you can own. It will glide across your tile or wood floors..and pick up all the dust and hair (human or pet LOL). If you want to see vroom then check out the video I did! I was zooming all over the place!

FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!
FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!

FlyLady Mop

You can use it dry or damp for a quick clean up. And ….you use the micro-fiber cloth over and over! Nothing to fling into the landfills!

The FlyLady Mop comes with one micro-fiber cloth, but you can purchase a refill package of 3 micro-fiber cloths for the FlyLady Mop. When you get the package the red dust mop head is included. This way you know you can clean the entire house before washing out the cloths!

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