Beyond Shine to Gleaming

Dear FlyLady,

Ordered a pack of Purple Rags recently and had prepared them for use as per instructions (Scroll Down). I’m a paper towel to the maximum type and I purchased the Purple Rags with a bit of skepticism and a lot of anticipation (because of experiences with other FlyLady products).

Used them ”here-and-there” and was pleased BUT then I saw testimonials speaking of how they can shine surfaces because of one side being smooth and the other textured.

So I tried it on my stove top and on the burners!!! AMAZING.

Played with each side on the surface of the white enamel stove top and the SHINE WAS BEYOND SHINE IT WAS GLEAMING. No paper towel has the capacity to do what the Purple Rag accomplished. THEN it was on to the burners.

You would think the stove top and burners were brand-new if there weren’t some tiny worn areas, that’s how good the effect is with using the Purple Rags. Moved on to the stove knobs, which do not detach, and the rough side removed dirt that before had seemed impossible to remove.

Thanks for a wonderful product, I’m going to slowly build-up a very good supply of Purple Rags. ALSO TRIED IT ON THE SINK — SAME THING — IT WENT FROM SHINING TO GLEAMING. I LOVE IT WHEN THINGS SHINE!

Thanks for great products.

Waukegan FlyBaby

FlyLady here: I used my Purple Rags on muddy paw prints on my back door today. One wipe and they look clean and I didn’t have to use 20 paper towels. I love mine in my bathroom with my Rubba Swisha.

Dirty Doors!
Dirty Doors!
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