Eliminating the Need to Constantly Vacuum

Dear FlyLady,

I have long been a FLYbaby and use the Rubba Cleaning Family regularly.  I love the rubba tools – and now you have outdone yourself!

As soon as I saw that the Rubba Sweepa had a new handle – (like that of the mop, which I also use) — I ordered it right away – actually, I ordered two — one for indoors and one for outside.  (The Rubba Sweepa does a great job with pet hair inside the house, eliminating the need to constantly vacuum, and it is fabulous for sweeping the walk and patio – so I treated myself to two!)

The previous Rubba Sweepa was great, but the handle wasn’t quite as sturdy as I would have liked – I ended up duct-taping it so that it was stronger.  The new handle is FABULOUS – adjustable, sturdy, easy to attach – in short, absolutely what I had been wishing for!  Thank you for providing such wonderful tools at such a reasonable price.  I am so glad to be FLYing!

Flying Grandma

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