What About My To Do List?

Dear FlyLady,

I really appreciate all of the FlyLady advice on setting up routines so I can get my everyday tasks done (the tasks that have to be done everyday or every week or every month).

My question is – do you have advice on how to get the one-off tasks done? My To-Do list is way too long, and it’s full of tasks that only need to be done once. Tasks like putting photos in frames, research car batteries, fill out financial forms, etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa in IN

Dear Lisa,

We all have these things that need to be done. Putting them off creates stress in our lives. When you look at your list, most of the things only take a few minutes. This is why we set up Anti-Procrastination Day. This is the day we can get some of those things checked off our list.

Any day can be Anti-Procrastination Day if you will set your timer and go for getting 3 of them done in an hour. Set your timer for 15 minutes and just pick one thing on your list. Let’s choose that Car Battery one: You will need the make and model of your car. Then pick up the phone and call your local Advance Auto Parts store or one that you have local. They are always helpful. This will take you 5 minutes. After you have done three of them; celebrate!

Another way to get these things done is put 5 of them each on a little sheet of paper. At a specific time each day; just pull one out and do it. Or maybe at the top of the hour pull one. Doing one each day you will eventually get them done.

Last year we had a testimonial from one member who did one thing on her Procrastination To Do List; each day during the lenten season. She did forty days of Anti-Procrastination. I love this idea! To sacrifice something you love and to add a new habit.

Now you can’t frame those pictures if you don’t have the frames in your home. So instead of breaking the bank by going to purchases lots of new frames, think about recycling some that you already have by putting new pictures in them. Also are the pictures even printed out yet. There are lots of steps to framing a picture and we can let our perfectionism stop us before we ever start.

Pick just one picture you want to frame and not 50! You can focus on the one and get it done.

The reason you are having trouble getting things checked off your Procrastination To Do List is because it is too big. Break the list down into groups of 5. Put them on your calendar! One each day. We can easily do one a day.

Put the full list in your Control Journal and check them off as you do them. Just don’t get overwhelmed by the full list. Eventually with your consistency of doing one a day; you will get them all done! Celebrate each accomplishment!

You can do this! If you make it fun it will get done!

ofb coj
Keep your master “To Do” List in your Control Journal and Office in a Bag!

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