Purple Wonders Save So Much Time

Good morning FlyLady!

I’ve been flying for a couple of years now and have never written to you. I love reading what others have written. My house isn’t perfect, but it’s livable. That is not what I’m writing about.

Last summer I bought those wonderful purple rags. They are everything I have read about them. For the 4th of July weekend, I painted some of the windows on our Main Street. Part of my deal with the businesses is I come back after the holiday and clean the windows. Not the most fun part of my job as a window artist. But I took my purple rag with me. After I scrapped the paint off of the window, I sprayed the windows with a water (has a little vinegar in it), and wiped it down with the purple wonder! It even took off bits of the paint that didn’t scrap off. I was amazed that the job took a lot less time than I expected!

Thank you so much for all you do in helping us not only in our homes, but our outside interests too!

Blessings to you,
Flybaby Elizabeth in MO

FlyLady here: Our purple rags can do what you need them to do!

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