Do You Think You Need a New Dryer? You May Not

Dear FlyLady,

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent woman with 2 college degrees, but what I’m about to tell you may leave you questioning! LOL

Lately I have been noticing that my dryer has been having to go through 2 cycles in order to dry my clothes. All I could think of is that this dryer is NOT that old to be doing this! I have been cleaning the screen of lint religiously and doing around with the brush to get extra lint that the screen might not have caught.( I purchased the brushes years ago from the Flylady website which I love) I also noticed that I’m was just not getting the lint that so many flybabies talk about getting out…like in gobs! And I was wondering why!

I have been known to take off the vent hose and see if it was clean, but what I DIDN’T do was see if lint was building up in that vent going to the outside!!!! A few minutes ago, I checked that vent and I could not believe how much lint was blocking that vent!!! GOBS!!!!! It was a FIRE waiting to happen!! And to think that I was about to buy ANOTHER dryer! Come to think of it, I think I probably have purchased several new dyers in the past thinking mine were broken when in reality, lint was more than likely blocking the outside vent making it close to impossible to dry my clothes!

I’m sure this has been explained before, but obviously I just didn’t fully understand where I was to be looking for all this lint. Like I said…I FEEL SO DUMB and SLOW!!!LOL If this testimonial will help anyone that may not be sure where all to look for dryer lint, I am gladly willing to reveal how dumb I was! LOL

Thanks for all your wisdom that you impart! I have been with you since 2002 and I’m better for it!!!

An Embarrassed Flybaby

FlyLady here: Oh sweetie, don’t feel bad. This could happen to any of us.

At least once a year you need to take care of the lint that passed the lint filter. Lint collects in the vent usually at both ends. First, with the dryer running go outside to where the vent exhausts. Feel the air blowing to see if you are getting a decent air flow. If you are, then all you need to do is reach inside and pull any lint that may have accumulated around the exit. Then, you will need to remove the vent tube on the back of the dryer and clean out any accumulated lint.
If the airflow was weak or non existent you have a clog in your vent hose. You can buy a dryer vent kit that will help you do the job. The kit included a vent hose brush, a vacuum attachment and a duct brush.

The other thing that is wise to do, is to clean the lint from the dryer cabinet. You can usually access this from the bottom front. You will be surprised at how much lint is under there. Use a vacuum to clean out the lint.

Using the vent brush:

1) Remove the lint trap from the dryer and remove excess lint
2) holding the vent brush by the handle. insert the brush down the lint. trap vent until it reaches the bottom, Using a side to side and up and down motion. gently twirl the brush to remove any lint in the vent. Repeat this step as necessary until vent is clean.
3) Dispose of lint and debris immediately.

Using the Vacuum 11 hose attachment
1) The vacuum hose is used to deep clean the lint trap vent.
2) Attach the vacuum hose attachment to your vacuum cleaner as you would any attachment.
3) Insert into lint trap vent and turn on vacuum running the hose up and down to remove any additional lint and debris that the vent brush could not pick up.

Using the Duct Brush
1) Please see dryer instruction guide to remove the dryer vent duct from the dryer.
2) Insert the vent duet brush into the duet. With a side to side and up and down motion, move the brush along the duct to remove any lint and debris trapped in the duct. Repeat this step as necessary until duct is clean.
3) Dispose of Lint and debris immediately.

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