If Momma Ain’t Happy

Dear Friends,

This morning as I lay in bed after I woke up, I found myself making a list of why our home feels beautiful. I asked myself this question. What are the things that make our home feel beautiful?

The first thing that came to mind was that I always know where my keys are! That may seem strange to some people but searching for your keys to leave is very stressful when you are in a hurry. I hate walking down to my car and having to come back to the house to get the keys. My keys now have a home and they are not hiding in the refrigerator or a drawer. The last time I lost my keys they were in my Ziplock bag drawer because I needed to take one with me. At least they are much easier to find because they are on a lanyard. I keep my keys on a hook with my sunglasses and my little purse. Everything has a place and everything in its place. My keys are not lost in the bottom of a huge purse and even when I use my large bag for travel, the lanyard helps me to put my hand on them without having to get out a flashlight.

The next feature that makes my heart sing is the fact that I can open my door to anyone at any time. Our home is not an embarrassment. There may be a few puppy toe prints on the floor and nose prints on the doors but with only a few minutes they are gone. Our home blesses us because I have used my routines to keep it company ready; the best part is that we are the company. We love being home and we also love entertaining on the FLY. It doesn’t have to be perfect and I didn’t have to spend days getting ready to have friends over. The stress is gone!

Another blessing that adds to the feeling of our beautiful home is the simple fact that my kitchen sink is shining. That shining sink gave me hope when I first decided to get organized. I never dreamed that it would free me from the guilt of a messy kitchen and a chaotic home. That shiny sink started my day with a smile. I was not behind! I no longer dreaded cooking because the dishes were put away and the counters were clear. It is the simple things that make you smile especially when you have lived with mystery water and dirty dishes your whole life.

As I look back at what has contributed to that beautiful feeling of clean in our home it has more to do with me not being all stressed out! When I can accomplish my routines and feel ahead then the stress and anxiety leave my body. I feel that I have more time in my day to do what God put me on the Earth to do! After all, if Momma ain’t happy then ain’t nobody happy!

Those words, “I don’t have time” never cross my lips! Now I can enjoy our home and can bless others because I do have time! A few simple habits can make all the difference in the way your home feels.

Are you ready to FLY?


Are you using your timer and Control Journal to help you have that beautiful feeling in your home?

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