Easy Menu Planning

Dear Friends,

Leanne and I have always said that; I can help you get your kitchen clean and she helps you put dinner on the table. Together we make menu planning easy!

Does she have a deal for you! She has extended this amazing deal just for FlyBabies.  Check it out! Premium Menu Mailer Saves You Money

Please pass this along to Leanne, please also tell her that I’ve purchased other menu mailer type systems and hers kills the others. Hers rocks. With the others I had to rework the grocery lists and spend a lot of time on it to get it user friendly – for example, the grocery list may be broken up by day of the week rather than by section of the grocery store and so I much prefer hers to any others I’ve bought. I bought a one week sample of a Clean Eating Diet and paid $15 for the one week!!! THEN I had to spend the rest of the evening making it work for me. Needless to say I didn’t purchase any more of those. Leanne’s are simple and broken down for us the way we use them – grocery lists are organized by type of item rather than by day of the week, but the day of the week is there, too, so you know when/why/what. Brilliant!!

God Bless,
Thanks so much,
Kerrie in TX”

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