My Husband is Loving Our Calendar

Thanks so much FlyLady and Crew for all of your work:

I have been babystepping now for several months and am learning to start again from the beginning when I try to do too much. I have finally listened to your advice and found that I must develop a habit and it will become automatic, so there is no opportunity for whining.

Shining my sink has become automatic. I don’t want to go to bed without dealing with it. I am still working on my other routines so I don’t try to pack too much into them.

I really love the calendar and my husband has started using it! He makes remarks here and there about FlyLady, mainly about the number of emails and my control journal, but nothing really supportive. He didn’t say anything about the calendar, but I noticed he has put all his info on it.

When I got the control journal, I sat down and started doing the menu planning, at least for the main dish. I was so excited that I had at least 30 different main dishes. Now I use the calendar with my control journal for the menu planning for the week. My husband likes it, because we are on a diet and he can plan the rest of his meals around our main meal.

Like a real SHE, I have several cookbooks and now I can really try to utilize them by setting aside at least a day or two a month to try new things. My husband is more in the mood to experiment, since he is on the diet and we are trying new vegetables and new ways to fix familiar favorites.

We had one sore spot between us about rugs in my kitchen. We have a dear dog that likes to run in and out like a child during the day. She would track up my floor by the back door, so I tried to keep a rug down, to catch some of the dirt. It would invariably get bunched up under the door or turned over, so my husband would just kick it out of the way, totally defeating my purpose. After going back in forth about this, I decided not to argue or whine about it anymore, I just added that area of the floor as one of my Hot Spots and give it a good swipe every day or so.

Thank you FlyLady and ya’ll keep on flying!!!

Baby Stepping on GA

FlyLady here: Are you procrastinating about using your calendar? Have you even procrastinated about buying yours yet this year? Are you trying to fit your family’s schedule in those little date boxes? Do you have trouble reading what you wrote?

Don’t wait another day to get your calendar that blesses your family! Get yours now! We have a package that includes a Control Journal and a Saving Dinner book.

Leanne still has a great deal for our FlyBabies; Premium Menu Mailer. Only $15 for 3 months. Now that is an amazing deal!

As for the floor and those pesky paw prints. I quick swish and swipe with the FlyLady Mop and a little water will keep your hotspot floor shining.

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