How Many Bags do I Need?

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve always loved the idea of reusable grocery bags. But I’ve always been concerned about how many I’d need. I’ve always done a big shopping trip on Saturdays & will come home with anywhere from 10 to 15 of the plastic bags worth of groceries.

Will these really hold everything?

Also, especially on the insulated ones, are they easy to clean if something drips inside? I really am interested in buying these, but only if I know they’ll be used & not tossed in my give-away pile because they didn’t quite work for me!


FlyBaby T

Dear FlyBaby,

Grocery Bags

Yes they do wipe up with ease. I know how you feel about chicken juice. I would probably still have them put my meat in a bag just because of my dislike of chicken leaks. eeewww. I have washed the black one because of that and let it air dry. It did great!

Our set of Grocery Bags come with two black insulated bags and three purple bags about the size of a large paper sack.

There is a good way to see if they will work for you. Get 5 paper grocery bags and see if you can fit all your weeks worth of groceries in them. If you can’t then you may need to get two sets.

I would mark one of the insulated ones with a green ribbon and use it for produce. I don’t like to mix fresh vegetables and meat.

We know that these are not going to become clutter in your home. Because as soon as you put away your groceries you will put them back in your car for your next grocery shopping day! You may have to put a Post-It Note on your dashboard to remind you to take them in the grocery store. They will all fold up into one bag.

What I like about the bags is that they don’t play the slip and slide in the trunk of my car with my groceries having to be repacked before I take them in the house. Get a set of Grocery Bags for yourself. You are going to love them!

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