Enthusiasm Rules!

Dear House Fairy,

My 7yr old daughter, Yvonne, is so enthusiastic about the House Fairy! She has done an incredible job of keeping her room clean, despite sharing it with a not-so-tidy (YET) 3yr old sister and a not quite 1yr old sister. The other day she even received a note telling her that the  House Fairy was sooo excited to see her helping with some of the chores around the house (you saw her through the magic telescope, of course!). Oh, and she wants me to talk to you about possibly visiting the family room (which is their toy room and always a mess)! WOW!!!  This is working so well! Now if my 5yr old son would equate the “clean room” with a prize and fairy dust, we’d be smiling even more! 🙂



House Fairy here:

I spent almost a year creating the new House Fairy program of on-line videos.  Because I know moms like Angeline with four children do not have the luxury of time that I have as a retired mom, I was inspired to help young parents by creating ways to put fun, creativity and a little magic into the sometimes daunting challenge of teaching kids to be organized, have good manners and good behavior.  I remember back in those early parenting days (I was a single mom) that if at the end of some days, all the kids were accounted for and I was still standing, it was a good day. The House Fairy program literally takes being the bad guy off the parent’s shoulders. The program helps parents to inspire, motivate, reinforce and recognize their children’s good behavior in a positive and loving way. It really does works. Click here to sign up!

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