Where Do You Store the Rubba Swisha?

Dear FlyLady,

I have purchased a FlyLady toilet brush(Rubba Swisha). I was reading somewhere on the FlyLady comments, someone’s suggestion about what to put in with the brush to have it ready to use. Now I can’t find the comment. Can you help?

FlyBaby Rita

Dear Rita,

I keep my Rubba Swisha in an old flower vase. I have used a crock that you keep kitchen utensils. When you take a Rubba Swisha out of the toilet it drips. I have always keep it in something that will catch the drips. As I started decluttering I decided that soap is soap and poured and old shampoo that I didn’t like into the vase. I would add a little water and just pour in with the other old bath gels. I have even tossed in old bars of soap. Don’t do whole bars into the soap mixture. Put the soap bar into a jar with water and let it dissolve. You can grate the soap too.

With the soapy liquid in the vase you just hold up the Rubba Swisha and allow the excess to drip off and then swish your toilet. The soapy liquid will not grow fungus. If your liquid does not have enough soap in it, you will get some black stuff in it. The soap kills the germs and keeps that stuff from growing.

When you do a Swish and Swipe every day your bathroom will always bless you! Nothing says, I love you, like a clean toilet when you are sick and hugging it.

1. Wipe mirror of dental floss home runs
2. Put things away and wipe down counters and sink
3. Swish the toilet and take a wad of toilet paper/baby wipe and wipe down the seat and rim.
4. If you have boys you may need to wipe the floor with a dirty towel if their aim is bad.

Here is your FLY-namic Swish and Swipe Duo. Swishing and Swiping keeps your bathroom ready for anyone! Do you have a Swish and Swipe Duo?

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