Everybody Needs Leanne and Saving Dinner

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to announce a very special “For FlyBabies” only area on Savingdinner.com.

Leanne has put together a wonderful program with all kinds of packages including a Menu Mailer Premium Membership, The 30 Day Paleo Challenge, and Smoothie Mixes. This is such a fantastic time to make Menu Planning a habit. Saving time, money, stress, and DINNER is such a sweet blessing for you and your family.

To see just how awesome the FlyLady/SavingDinner offer is click here to learn more!

Everyone really does need Leanne and Saving Dinner!


Dear FlyLady,

This retired FlyBaby was sure she didn’t need Leanne, even tho “Saving
Dinner” is never far from hand, because hey, I’ve been cooking for 50 years!

But after an old tried and true hamburger casserole recipe (not one of Leanne’s LOL) flopped yesterday because it was too boring, I was open to the Menu Mailers from Leanne.

And there it was, Easy Taco Casserole. Soooo not boring, with salsa and spicy beans. So I guess the answer is, EVERYBODY needs Leanne.

Thanks for the reminder….gotta go order more menus.

Retired and Busier Than Ever
Ann2Bird (:

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