I Contacted a Charity

Dear FlyLady,

I am very new to the FLY community and entered with extreme caution.

I honestly did not believe anyone could help me. I began receiving the emails and was initially overwhelmed. I believed that this was too much – too much time, too much attention, and too many emails.

Soon, I realized how wrong I was! Your emails have helped me tremendously. I read each and every one because I no longer feel alone in my quest for organization and peace.

I ordered some items from the site, including your book, Sink Reflections, and started reading today. I put my shoes on and shined my sink after reading the first chapter. And you know what, it made me smile!

While reading about clutter in Chapter 3, I looked around my house with dismay. I read about the 27 Fling Boogie and thought I can do that easily with all the junk around here. I immediately contacted a charity and scheduled a pick up for 15 – 20 boxes for next week. Just scheduling the pick-up has solidified my commitment to declutteringmy home and I feel as of a weight has been lifted.

Thank you FlyLady and I look forward to future FLYing!!

FlyBaby Newbie Linda Michigan

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