30 Day Paleo Challenge

Dear Leanne,

Today was one of those special, “I love Paleo”, days. My daughter and I drove to next largest town for shopping. I found grass fed beef and lamb in a most unlikely place–Food For Less! Then I bought a pair of pants at Costco because my clothes are all too big again! Size 22 to size 14 in 9 months with 2 refrigerators and all cupboards filled with whole, fresh and healthy foods. I still can’t believe that I never feel deprived because there is so much good food to replace anything that I use to like! Then I started learning to walk in the rain (I live in southern Oregon)–last rainy season I couldn’t even walk a block let alone the 1-2 miles I do now! I thank God for the events that led me to a commitment to the Paleo lifestyle!

– Kendall S Kuhlmann


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