This Butterfly is Coming Out

My Dear FlyLady,

You have confirmed what has been bothering me all Spring. I have had an unusual interest in butterflies. Which has never been one of my interest. But I think the Almighty God has been trying to beat through my head that it is time for me to come out of my cocoon and FLY.

Yes, I have purchased all the tools from your shop, the organizer, the Body Clutter Book, along with the notebook, the dusters, and many other tools. Some of which I use. I need to get these things out and really let them help me come out of this cocoon.

I have morning and evening routines, thanks to you. I do take care of myself. But I live in clutter. Clutter which I have been saying yes, I will get rid of it, have a yard sale, give it away or do something with it. But yes, more clutter has come into my house. My closet is a disaster, my granddaughter’s closet is a disaster, my basement is the catch-all and is totally overwhelming to think about cleaning it out. There is a path to the car in the garage basement. We are a retired couple raising our granddaughter who has been a blessing. My husband still works.

My friends have disappeared, due to my shutting myself in this cocoon. Of course, I have mother’s of my granddaughter’s friends who I see from time to time but the friends whom I used to confide in I have shut out of my life.

Your butterfly essay spoke to my heart. As I said butterflies have been a real issue with me since early this year. I purchased a new beautiful bedroom suite for my granddaughter which is very pale violet color with butterflies on the headboard of the bed. I have placed butterfly decorations on her sheer white curtains in her room. And on and on it goes butterflies are appearing all over my house.

Yes, it is time for me to take the first bite and start with shining my sink. This is day one on my venture to reappearing from my cocoon that I have shut myself in.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, may God continue to bless you in your ministry to all of us.

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