Bright Colors Make Me Happy

Dear FlyLady,

I am on Day 15 of my baby beginner steps and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I am feeling so much more in control – and DH has noticed the difference in our home already!!!!!!

I got my declutter kit and used it today in my daily 15 minute declutter and I LOVED it!!

The bright colors make me so happy and they are lightweight and very easy to use.

You are a treasure!!!!

And I am so happy I found you. I thought I was going to be overwhelmed by having to read all the emails – I actually look forward to it. Keeps me going! Thank you again – in case you didn’t get the first million times I thanked you! Love and I mean it,

New Flybaby Georgi

Here is a funny video that we made right after we got the first Declutter Kit. Michele is doing all the laughing!

Declutter Kit Video
Declutter Kit Video
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