Out of the Mouths of Babes: Fly on a Broom

Dear FlyLady,

I have often thought of writing a testimonial as FlyLady has had such a hugely positive impact on my life, but as a typical SHE have never gotten it done.

Well, yesterday something happened I just have to share.

I was shopping with my 10 year old son and we went down the Halloween aisle. He was looking at costumes when he suddenly let out a whoop. “Mom” he said, “Look at these beautiful purple wings. You could be FlyLady!” I was thinking how sweet that was when he let out an even louder whoop. “Hurrah, I found the perfect broom to go with it.”

Oh sweetie I told him the broom goes with the witches costumes. And I’ll never forget his answer. “Well, Mom he said, “I think it’s for the FlyLady costume. I’ll bet she was the first one to discover you could fly on a broom. I’ll bet she was dancing around her kitchen sweeping one day when all of a sudden she just started flying!!”

I must say I agree!! Thanks to you,

We’re flying too!!

A Peter’s Creek Alaska Flybaby

FlyLady here: I love seeing the world through kids’ eyes!!

If you need a broom that is more than a broom, then you can check
out the Rubba Sweepa.

If you dress up as FlyLady I want pictures! please send them to me!

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