Food For Thought: Liquid Lunch (or breakfast… or dinner)

Have I mentioned before how much I adore smoothies? Yes, yes, I believe I have!

I start each day with a big ol’ healthy blended drink. But guess what? Sometimes I have a smoothie for lunch or even for dinner. Let’s be honest . . . life gets hectic sometimes, and while I like to eat fresh, healthy meals, I don’t always have time to cook a big dish.

Thankfully, I can fit a square meal into a smoothie, and they are darn quick to make.

All you need for a delicious meal replacement smoothie is our All-in-One Smoothie Mix, chia seeds, Fibermender, coconut or almond milk, and berries. That’s your “base” smoothie. You can mess around with your fruits, veggies and liquid.

Here are some ideas for some delicious blended meals:

Smooth spring salad. Put some cilantro or parsley in your blender with lemon juice, some ground flax, carrot juice (or a chopped carrot if you have a high power blender), wheat grass, spinach, a few ice cubes and an avocado. Add some sea salt and cracked pepper and blend until smooth.

Orange kale-sicle smoothie. Blend up a couple of bananas, a few handfuls of kale and some vanilla Smoothie Mix with two oranges and a few ice cubes for a delightful dinner that you can drink on the go.

Berry salad smoothie. Blend a head of romaine lettuce and a handful of your favorite dark leafy greens with two frozen bananas, a cup of frozen berries, a scoop of vanilla Smoothie Mix and a splash of water.

Since we started offering our Saving Dinner Smoothie Mixes, hundreds of folks have become fans of these great all-in-one powders. If you’re big on smoothies but low on inspiration, try our Smoothie Mix!

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