Who Knew a Rag Could do That?

Dear FlyLady & Crew,

I recently ordered your Purple cleaning cloths and my annual calendar.

I am reading for the third time which is why this struck me funny, “Move your stuff change your life” a Feng Shui book. Oddly enough this book does address clearing out clutter and positive intention. But here is the funny part she is talking about the Prosperity & abundance area of (the house,the color for this particular area is purple) and ways to focus on abundance. She suggests using or displaying things that symbolize abundance to you and one of the things she says is to “clean with purple cleaning cloths“.

As I said I have read this book before and somehow I never took notice of this and when I read it this time I giggled knowing my purple cleaning cloths would be on their way to me very soon.

Now I am twice as excited waiting to get that package.

FlyBaby Mary Lou

FlyLady here: Another great book on Feng Shui is Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. This book will help you understand why it is so difficult to get rid of that clutter. It deals with the emotional ties that we have with our stuff. This quick-read book teaches us that clutter clogs our energy. If you have a problem with the Feng Shui part – don’t worry about it – just learn from the parts that fit your situation. This is a great book for those family members who are PackRats.

In our quest to continue looking for ways to “Go Purple” (less waste, more fun!) we wanted to have something to replace all those paper towels for shining our sinks, windows, mirrors and anything else we want to shine! We want to have fun and love the tools we use to bless our homes. We have found the best, most luxurious cleaning cloths to make you feel like great when you use them. We have been very disappointed in the cloths that we have found in various stores and catalogs, they are just plain skimpy, small and had no body to them.

We wanted them to be bigger than our hands and feel like you actually had a cloth in your hand that made a difference in whatever you are cleaning. You know that feeling when you grab several paper towels and wad them up to clean windows or mirrors; it is wasteful but you just want to feel like you have enough! No more paper towels filling up the land fills, these Purple Rags in a Bag are washable and reusable – fun for you and less waste for the planet! This is a set of three deluxe purple microfiber cloths, that each measure 15×15 inches and comes with its very own zippered mesh bag for the washing machine.

Now…when you wash them in the washing machine DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER on them. The fabric softener coats the fibers and the cloths won’t give you a streak free shine.

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