How To Video for the New Mop Handle

Every day we get a question about how to use the FlyLady Mop Handle.

I just received my shiny, purply FlyLady mop and it did not come with instructions on how to attach the handle.  This SHE is stumped.


Dear Friends,

Sometimes a picture/video can do say more than a wordy written explanation. Jack and my son Justin put together this video for you on Friday. I hope you enjoy. It is just the facts. No funny stuff cause there are times that we just need to get the message loud and clear. Jack did such a good job! I look forward to more videos from these two.

The mop/sweepa handle is adjustable to fit your height. It will even adjust to fit your children if they want to help you mop. It is interchangeable with the FlyLady Mop and the Rubba Sweepa!

FlyLady Mop Handle How To Video
FlyLady Mop Handle How To Video

Get your new handle today! You can buy it separately for only $6.50 on the FlyLady Mop page or the Rubba Sweepa Page.

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