FlyLady is Taking the Smoothie Challenge

Dear Friends,

Several years ago when Leanne and I wrote our book Body Clutter; Leanne set me up on a very simple low carb meal plan. We lost 53 pounds EACH. That was the first time I ever lost any weight. I am ready again to lose some weight.

Back then my day started with a smoothie. I drank it because Leanne told me to but I don’t much like dairy except in the form of cheese. Now that she has developed this great smoothie mix that I can add to coconut water or milk, almond milk, or anything like that. I just had a chocolate smoothie for lunch. I think I can do this!

Right now Leanne has an amazing offer for you. FREE SHIPPING. I am stocking up on my supply of Smoothie Mixes.

Join me as I make a commitment to a smoothie a day to get my metobolism going. It is time to get back in control of my weight. I can do this. Leanne and I wrote Body Clutter; we know how to do this. Every word still holds true. I am going to establish this one habit. I will keep you updated.

Smoothie Sale Free Shipping!
Smoothie Free Shipping!

Are you going to join me in the Smoothie Challenge? Send me an email to with SMOOTHIE in the subject line. We can do this together.

Here’s to losing a few pounds before the holidays!


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