Candle Soot Mess

Dear FlyLady,

As part of pampering myself, I burn a nice smelling candle in the kitchen. Today I was burning a homemade one my daughter got me for Christmas. It smells wonderful! However, it also smoked and covered my entire kitchen in a dusting of soot! I have never seen such a thing before.

I spent about 10 seconds being overwhelmed with the enormity of the task of cleaning every surface in the kitchen, when I realized all of these tasks I have done before: they are part of the daily missions when in the kitchen zone! And I know, because I have done them before, that each section takes less than 15 minutes! The counter tops, the cabinet fronts, the appliances, the floor, (the sink), all other things in the kitchen.

Next, I thought of how many paper towels I might be using when I also remembered all the testimonials for the purple rags. I don’t want to ruin my purple rags, but everything I have read pretty much indicated the rags could handle the job. And they did! Beautifully! It took 3 sets of 15 minutes and I am done! My kitchen is clean and shiny. I will use the candle as a room freshener, without lighting it!!

Thank you for all you do. And I learned, Practice makes it Possible!

Laurel in Austin

FlyLady here; Anytime you burn a candle there is soot. It does build up. Just like with cooking everyday. Our kitchen missions help us to detail clean without spring cleaning! Babysteps.

This candle had something wrong with it. Cut the wick off so you won’t forget and burn it again. I only burn tea lites. They burn themselves out in about 4 hours.

Yes our Rags in a Bag are great at tough jobs like these! Don’t worry about messing them up, they are to be used! I keep one in every car, under every sink, and my purse.

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