Usually the Last Bastian of Clutter

Dear FlyLady,

I wanted to tell you that today when I read the Flight Plan for Friday to De-Clutter my purse and car, for the first time ever (since starting to FLY in October 2008) there was virtually nothing to do in order to de-clutter my car. I had only to empty the trash.

My car has always been a struggle for me — acting as a kind of `office on the move’ with spare clothes, shoes and work equipment. A few weeks ago I unexpectedly had some time off work, and had to find something in my car. Given that I had a bit of extra time, I did a thorough clean-up of my car (using only 2 x 15minute slots), found the object I was looking for under the floor of the boot (trunk) and since then have been careful to replace everything I need to carry in the car in its rightful place every time I use it. I even stacked my glove compartment with healthy snacks and drinks for times when I get hungry before shopping (this really helps me). I’ve also compiled a `control list’ to go in my journal, with a copy taped into the glove compartment. And `if it’s not on the list it doesn’t stay in the car’.

Today was the first time I realized that I had succeeded in decluttering and then maintaining an area (all other areas of my home are still `on the way’ with decluttering and at times I lose heart and stop for a few days). The realization that I (with your help) have made a difference to one small area, and sustained that difference for 3 weeks has been a real encouragement to me and a boost to keep going with all the other areas, knowing that I will have the same realization about each of them one day (hopefully very soon).

Thanks Flylady.

Flying in Auckland, New Zealand.


FlyLady here: Our cars are usually the last hold out to getting decluttered and staying clean. I am so proud of her for keeping her car clean. I know what it is like to live out of your car. I actually did it one summer. Just about everything I owned was in my car that summer. It was not a pretty sight!

Now my car stays clean because I have a routine for getting things out if it when I get home. Even my trunk is clean. The only thing I keep in it is my emergency back pack. I also keep a Rubba Scrubba and a Car Duster in my car. They fit in my glove box.

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