A Plea from an Endangered Species; The Dust Bunny

Dear FlyLady, Mop Package

Have you no mercy? Do you feel nothing when you see a native animal driven from it’s habitat? How can you encourage your readers to, little by little, take over the areas where we live and make them completely uninhabitable for us?

That’s right. I used to have several comfortable places to lay my weary head: under the bed, beside the refrigerator, behind the television. But you, dear lady, have taken all that away from me. I am constantly searching for new places to hide, but just when I think I have found one, BAM! The homeowner moves into a new “zone” and I am displaced again. Left to wander deeper and deeper into closets and corners, I live in constant fear that my new home will be “flywashed” next.

How can you live with yourself? How can you sleep at night?

Please reconsider your war on clutter…you are leaving a lot of dust bunnies homeless in the process!


Dust Bunny


FlyLady Here: Dear Dust Bunny I am very sorry that you are homeless but I think you would have a much better time outside in the yard with the other bunnies.

I have a fun way to gently take your dust bunnies outside to play in their preferred habitat. While your coffee is making in the morning take your FlyLady Dust Mop and quickly corral them. As the dust mop fills up with Dust Bunnies. Go outside and bless the world with your captives. They will be much happier outside!

If you already have our mop; here is the Duster head.

If you need more of a laugh than this go check out my YouTube Video about dust mopping. This was done before we got our new FlyLady Dust Mop Head that fits on your mop.

FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!
FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!
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