Free Thanksgiving Menu Mailer


Dear Friends,

Believe it or not, in just a few days it will be time to carve another turkey and to give thanks for all our blessings. That’s right, Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

If you’ve finally eaten the last of the Halloween candy (here’s a helpful Body Clutter hint next year buy stuff you don’t like then you won’t eat it) then you’re ready to start planning for Thanksgiving. If you want a little help, our Thanksgiving Menu-Mailer is just the ticket and available to you at no charge. Our planner contains the menu, recipes, shopping lists, decorating ideas and timeline that has been used by hundreds of people every year. It’s there for you at  Just sign up and Leanne will send it to you.

And here are a few more things to help you sail through Thanksgiving this year–

1) Guest List. Make your list; check it twice and start making those all-important phone calls. Knowing how many to plan for is an integral part of successful holiday planning.

2) The Menu. Do you know what you’re having besides turkey? Make your menu and appropriate grocery list and get everything purchased except the perishables. If you have stuff that might get mistakenly eaten before the big day, put it in a box and stash it in the linen closet or label it instructing your loved ones to stay far, far away from this Thanksgiving food item.

3) The Turkey. If you’re going to order a fresh one, do it now and make sure you get a confirmation number (put the confirmation number on your calendar or checklist). If you’re buying frozen and have the room, go ahead and purchase it now.

4) Serving Pieces. Do you have everything you need? Platters, serving utensils, extra plates, napkins, etc.? Buy what you need or make phone calls to borrow and pick them up as soon as possible.

5) Linen Check. Pull out your tablecloth and napkins. Are they clean, are they pressed? If not, get them done now then hang them up on hangers and put them in your hall closet (or wherever you can hang them). Doing them the night before or the day of will exhaust you! There’s way too much to do on those two days.

Remember that holidays are for everyone, INCLUDING the cook! Don’t forget to ask for help, allow others to bring some of their favorite dishes and on cooking day, make time to stop, put your feet up and be very thankful for the faces that will be sitting around your Thanksgiving table. Enjoy yourself this year!


FlyLady here; November is Menu planning month. Leanne has a great deal for you.  Only 9.95 for three months. Who can say no to that! Get your FREE Thanksgiving Menu Mailer when you sign up for her daily newsletter.

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