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Dear Facebook FlyBabies,
12 oz and 16 oz
To those of you who have the FlyLady water bottle – is it really as good as everyone says? It doesn’t sweat and things stay cold? The one I have (not FlyLady), which I do like, sweats REALLY bad and my water is warm, the ice melts in a very short time.


Comments Posted:

Elizabeth: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I NEVER drank water before this. Since my water bottles arrived, they have been my constant companion. I am constantly sipping water.

I live in ALABAMA. I still have ice hours later. No sweating! I am a believer!

Rhonda: I absolutely love mine.

Sara: I love mine! I just received another one in the mail for my brother-in-law (13) to use while he stays here


FlyLady here: There was one more comment but it was Nikki. All of us at FlyLady love our water bottles.

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