Menu Planning – Don’t be Intimidated

Dear Friends,

In the Washington Times, there was an article on what they called, “a home cooked revival” I laughed when I read that headline. This is what my mission in life is all about!

So here’s an article in a major newspaper talking about home cooking and it says that eating at home is essentially the new “in” thing to do based on researdy. 57% of respondents polled (about 1500 people) say they are eating out less.

There’s a hefty amount of people staying home! Now that they’re staying home, they’re cooking and taking cooking classes. But regardless of whether you can afford cooking lessons or not, being able to cook is just part of the equation.

But guess where it starts? With MENU PLANNING! You knew I was going to go there, didn’t you? Menu planning is the quintessential foundation for successful in-home dining. Good intentions and frequent trips to the grocery store will totally upset your plan to save by eating at home. Bottom line, you will not be able to save money unless you PLAN.

So for all the newbies, those 57% who are just now starting to cook? Not only are you going to save a small fortune (all that money spent eating out could pay for one of your children’s college educations), but you’re also going to start to appreciate that getting your people back to the dinner table will not only provide a meal, but it will give your family nurture, nourishment and nutrition. The three N’s. Don’t you love alliteration?

It’s an awesome thing, that dinner table. But you have to start with a menu plan, graduate to the shopping list, hit the grocery store, bring home the groceries and then actually cook something.

We’ve been talking about menu planning all month long. If you need help with the cooking part (as in your don’t know how), I can help you with that. FlyLady carries my book Saving Dinner Basics in the FlyShop, or you can get it on Amazon. The point is, don’t let cooking intimidate you. It’s a simple, easy to do thing and if you pick up  just a couple of skills, you’ll have it down pat in no time.

Keep cooking!



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