No More Jealousy


I wanted to say thank you again for helping me and share an “aha” moment.

I came home from picking up my children at my dear mother in laws today. In the past, when I went into another woman’s home, I would compare. I would get nervous if the house was neat and look for some area of her housework that was not done just so. Then, I would feel better. Aha, I would think. At least my house is not so bad!

Today, instead of feeling jealous I was internally rejoicing today that mother in law’s floor was so clean. I was happy for her and happy for my 2 year old dd crawling on the floor.

What a joy to be a woman who shares in other women’s triumphs instead of looking for ways to tear them down in my mind.

Thank you, FlyLady, for helping me exorcise the part of my personality that rejoiced in other women’s failures in order to build myself up. Thank you for replacing it with a woman who genuinely cares and rejoices in other women’s successes.

With love,


FlyLady here: This truly is an amazing feeling – when you can stop looking for ways to build yourself up by tearing someone else down. We get so over whelmed by our feelings of shame and guilt that we end up thinking such negative thoughts. Take that energy that is being used to think negatively and use it at home – with each little BabyStepHot Spot Fire Drill5 Minute Room Rescue and 27 Fling Boogie! We know you can do it! Keep FLYing!

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