FLYing through an Appendoctomy

Dear FlyLady,

As a single mom of three boys, I have come to rely on your system as if it is gospel. I no longer fear a drop in visitor, and I sleep peacefully without the added burden of an unkempt house weighing me down — you know — all the stuff for which your system is normally praised.

Two weeks ago, however, I ran into a situation I had not before encountered. I suddenly found myself admitted to the hospital through the emergency room for appendicitis. To my rescue my parents came as the wonderful grandparents they are, my dad taking care of the kiddos and my mom taking me to the hospital.

As I headed out the door to the hospital, I grabbed my youngest son’s “going out” bag, full of cars, extra underwear (for potty training), wipes,
etc. that was already prepared upon our last return home. I pulled clean
underwear and pajamas from his bedroom dresser, and hollered instructions for my dad. I knew exactly where my wallet and insurance cards were, and handed my car keys over.

These things alone were an accomplishment. Prior to an introduction to FlyLady, this part of the ordeal would have taken tons of time longer. Never mind the fact that not for a moment did I have to concern myself with the state of my house.

Once they decided to keep me and I was checked into the hospital, my dad called to see what he could bring me from home. I was able to tell him exactly where my laptop cord was, which t-shirts I wanted from which rack in my closet, what shelf my deodorant was on in my bathroom cabinet. I knew exactly where everything was — all the way down to my favorite Chapstick in a tiny cubby drawer on my dresser!

What a blessing your system has been (and is!) on a daily basis! Sometimes it takes a crisis to make us realize just how simple and streamlined this great program can be.

By the way — I had done absolutely NO housework for a week after being released from the hospital. This morning I got dressed to my shoes, tired of being at the mercy of my pain, and fought through.

Within two hours, everything was back in its place and I’m flying again! Thank you so much for everything. You’ve been more of a lifesaver than you realize!

Recovering and Flying in McKinney, Texas!

FlyLady here: Best wishes to this FlyBaby as she recovers from her surgery.

What would happen at your house if you needed to go to the hospital and have surgery?
If you had a control journal, your family and friends could just open it up and know what you need to have done!

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