The Day After Musing

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we had such a pleasant time of just puttering around getting ready for our guests to arrive in the late afternoon. There was no pressure and we enjoyed a lovely evening with friends and family. This morning the kitchen looks great except for two platters that were too big for the dishwasher. As I am putting away the china and the silver I have decided to do something that I have never done before: Polish the old silver. So every 15 minutes I am going into the dining room and shining up a few pieces. By tomorrow I will have it all done and put away: Between polishing the silver and writing: I am also doing some last minute gift purchases.

Now this would not be possible if I had gone out into the rain to face those hoards of people searching for that illusive bargain. I am here to tell you that is not my idea of fun. I have my feet up with a warm cup of comfort (caf√© mocha) and I am listening to wonderful music and the beautiful sound of my timer keeping me on track. I am spending 15 minutes looking at catalogs and putting post-it notes in them (not buying just looking), shining the silver, and writing and answering emails. This way I don’t get burnt out by doing too much at one time.

Robert and I don’t usually have a big Christmas tree, but this year we have discussed putting one up for the little children in our lives. So today over coffee we rearranged our entrance room furniture in our head to accommodate a big tree. This is going to be fun. It has been years since I had a big tree.

OK there goes my timer; Back to polishing the silver;

Are you ready to Cruise through the Holidays? It is not too late. I promise.


Cafe Mocha Recipe 

A Mug to put it in!

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