What do you do with Dish Towels?

Dear FlyLady,

This may sound strange but I really do not have any idea what you do with a dish towel. Well of course I keep one hanging on the bar on the dishwasher to wipe my wet hands or to dry dishes I have hand washed. But other than that, my mother always used paper towels or sponges in the kitchen. Could you explain exactly what you use your dish towels for? It occurs to me that you have other uses for them or you would not need a different one for every day of the week. I am open to suggestion if it means less paper towels!!!

Thanks for your help!

Fort Worth Flybaby

Dear Fort Worth FlyBaby,

We love our dishtowels. There is nothing worse than a stinky dishtowel or dish rag. When you start FLYing the first habit you practice is shining your sink. After you do Shiny Sink 101 the first time you may never have to do it again. All you ever really have to do is whip out your sink with your dishtowel.

To get us in the habit of changing our dishtowels out as part of our evening routines; we made them with the days of the week on them.

Our dishtowels are made of 100% cotton. We searched for a long time till we found dishtowels that were good enough for you. If Kelly, Kathy, Michele and I didn’t like them; they went away. We are the toughest judge of dishtowels. They have to be absorbent and easy to keep white.

Here is a list of things to do with your dishtowels.

1. Shine your sink
2. Wipe your hands
3. Wipe down your counters
4. Dirty dishtowel can be used to wipe up messy spots on floor
5. Dishtowels can be used to cover rising bread dough
6. Folded dish towel can be a hot pad for hot pots and pans
7. Dishtowels can be used as a drying rack for washed dishes
8. Dishtowels can be napkins for messy meals; ribs, shrimp or crabs
9. Dishtowels can be used to dry dishes
10. Dishtowels can be used for a facial
11. Dishtowels are good for wiping your sweat when exercising
12. Dishtowels can be used as bibs
13. Dishtowels can be wrapped around an ice pack
14. Dishtowels can be used to polish silver

What do you use your dishtowels for? Send me your ways of using them to  FlyLady@flylady.net with DISHTOWEL in the subject line.

Now go shine your sink!


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