We Have Sooty Dust

Dearest Darling FlyLady and Crew,

Hi again,

Step by step, bit by bit, day by day. I’ve gotten the control journal started – your caution to stop being a perfectionist about it got me going, hallelujah. I finally caved in and started thinking about how to make sneakers in the house a reality – that is going to take a lot of work…. I’ll have a testimonial by the time “lace up shoes” shows up as habit of the month – yes, it is not until nextMarch. That is doable!

I’m sitting in our other house (in the city, we normally stay on the farm) – it is a dusty disaster – but I will put in 15 minutes and accomplish something as soon as I finish this letter to you.

I have a question – how does your ostrich feather duster fare with very sooty dust? The dust in the city is greasy black from diesel smoke: emissions laws are not adequately enforced in this 3rd world country.

I’m looking forward to visits from family in the US at which time I will get to sample and stock up on many of your goodies.  (But a PS – for dish towels, if you are drying a mountain of dishes by hand, you want linen dish towels.  Nothing else works as well. Well, your purple rags probably work even better, but cotton really does NOT do it.)

Finally, the daily stream of emails really brightens my day, inspires, encourages, keeps me going. Thanks a million.

Hugs and kisses,
FlyGirl in the Tropics


Dear FlyGirl in the Tropics,

As for your shoes in the house; get a pair that you only wear inside or clean up a pair that you can use. Shoes are an important part of getting things done in your home. I know that once you start wearing your shoes, you are going to be sending me that testimonial way before next March.
Now for the sooty dust. Our feather dusterswere tested on sheet rock dust and did a great job. We burn a lot of wood in the winter and we have big dogs. Dust is everywhere. Our duster gets it workout on a daily basis. I know that it will do a great job for you with the sooty dust. You may have to shake your duster outside more frequently. Now you may need to wash your duster more often because the soot may cling to the feathers. I know for a fact that our purple rags will help clean that sooty dust. We have had testimonials about it.

Dear FlyLady,

As part of pampering myself, I burn a nice smelling candle in the kitchen. Today I was burning a homemade one my daughter got me for Christmas. It smells wonderful! However, it also smoked and covered my entire kitchen in a dusting of soot! I have never seen such a thing before. 

I spent about 10 seconds being overwhelmed with the enormity of the task of cleaning every surface in the kitchen, when I realized all of these tasks I have done before: they are part of the daily missions when in the kitchen zone! And I know, because I have done them before, that each section takes less than 15 minutes! The counter tops, the cabinet fronts, the appliances, the floor, (the sink), all other things in the kitchen. 

Next, I thought of how many paper towels I might be using when I also remembered all the testimonials for the purple rags. I don’t want to ruin my purple rags, but everything I have read pretty much indicated the rags could handle the job. And they did! Beautifully! It took 3 sets of 15 minutes and I am done! My kitchen is clean and shiny. I will use the candle as a room freshener, without lighting it!!

Thank you for all you do. And I learned, Practice makes it Possible!

Laurel in Austin


Now I would like to tell you about our dishtowels. They are the most absorbent towel I have ever used. They are 100% cotton and have a waffle weave. They do better than my linen dishtowels. They can be washed in hot water and bleached if they need it. We have tested these dishtowels with some of the pickiest women I know; Kathy, Rebecca, Michele and Me! They passed with flying colors. Do not use fabric softener on them or dryer sheets. When we have a big get-together; Kathy and I do the dishes for 20 people. Our dishtowels are the best! So don’t knock till you have tried them. LOL!

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