Thanks for the Hugs

 Dear FlyLady, 

I wanted to thank you for all the hugs you gave me today. In case you don’t remember each one, here’s a list of them.

This morning I woke up and had clean clothes to put on. (hug #1) I walked into the kitchen and only saw a plate, a cup, and a fork in it. ~DH’s supper plates, he works late nights~

(hug #2) I had made plans for a fun afternoon with the kids, my dad, and his pool for today.. So planning ahead I had made Apple-Banana Nut bread for this mornings breakfast, last night.

(hug #3) I should add another hug to this because I would usually stay at home trying to crisis clean but now I’m making plans to go do stuff!!! I had their swim wear, sun screen, towels, and other items packed and by the door, ready to go.

(hug #4) When returning home, my sink sparkled because I applied the “Do it now!” principle and washed the breakfast dishes before leaving.

(Kids didn’t like waiting for that part but I enjoyed hug #5)

(hug #6) came in the form of having dinner half way there because I put a chunk of beef in the crock pot to cook while we were away. So I only had to microwave the steam veggies and butter the bread. Supper in 10 minutes! (and to think I had never used this appliance until finding your website!)

My 10 yr old DS looked at me later this evening and said, “Mom, I had a great day!” got up, brushed his teeth, and dragged himself to bed without any prompting while I tucked in DS5 and DD2. (hug #7, #8, & #9!)

I then walked into my room to see that DH had made the bed before going to work and it looked so nice, fluffy, and very much inviting. (hug #10) ~ (I later found out that he did it because I’ve been doing it and since I wasn’t there when he left today, he did it for me!)

I’m amazed at how busy you were hugging me all day because it didn’t feel like a lick of work to me! If I were asked 6 months ago what I had done in a days time, I would be able to list everything I DIDN’T get done.

Thank you for letting me love me, and showing me how I can love my family. Good food, clean clothes, warm atmosphere, calm words, and fun days, these are things that were lacking in my life and these are the things I was so blindly searching for. Thanks for being the guiding light because I’ve found my paradise. I’ve come so far these past few months and believe me, I’ve got a long way still to go, but these hugs you’ve given me will get me there.

Sincerely grateful,

Sarah FLYing in IN

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