Purple Puddles of Joy

Dear FlyLady, 

I have been with you since your first Womans Day mention, but not consistently. I haven’t yet gotten all my routines, and I still jump around like a puppy from one distraction to another. I went back to grad school this year and am away from home for 12-14 hours a day 4 days a week. Well my “jump right in” came on Tuesday. I am having 15 for dinner on Christmas and 2 house guest (besides the regular 5) for the next two days.

FlyLady I Did It! My house is clean -1 day crisis and the rest 15 min at a time. The shopping wasn’t such a chore, I gave up my ¬†perfectionism and bought grocery store gift cards for my grandfolk which they can USE and have tried to keep everyone else clutter free too.

Dinner is in the fridge and today is cooking/prep day. My bathrooms are swished and swiped (that one IS routine) holiday happy music is on and the presents are almost all done – just 2 more 15 min for that!

The best thing is my oldest daughter has joined FlyLady while at school. She is home now and has been the best help in the whole world, 15 minutes at a time, motivating me and letting me use her FlyLady timer!!

So we won’t have homemade cookies or desserts. The bakery will have a better year financially!

So my window decorations aren’t up, my tree is!

And the chair in my bedroom is still a blazing inferno, but I am peaceful and filled with joy and I HAVE been FlyWashed and I am grateful for all that you have given to all of us each day.

Who knew that I would have purple puddles of joy on Christmas eve instead of yelling and crying in frustration. Thank you Marla and all your coworkers for helping me find a new way of thinking and doing.

And a Merry Christmas to all of us, I hope that everyone feels the joy of the season this year, no matter what we individually believe we are all united in spirit and I hope today and tomorrow in JOY!

Flying in NY

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