Christmas FLYing

Dear FlyLady, 

It was so helpful to have the FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal again this year!  It helped me focus on what needed to be done in order to put a turkey dinner on the table for Christmas Eve.

The most helpful part was to remind me to clear out my refrigerator at the beginning of the process.  Because of following instructions step by step, I was able to find it a peaceful process and have time to relax along the way. Without this, things are so disorganized.

Cleaning up as I went, and doing one dish at a time, even ahead of time, also was a great help.  I was able to do this even though we had a trip out of town earlier in the month for a graduation.

Thank you so much, FlyLady, for helping to make Christmas for my family work out in the kitchen so we could enjoy each other!



FlyLady here:  The kitchen is the heart of your home.  This is where so many blessings take place!

As we begin the Holiday Cleanup Missions, wash and pack away any holiday dishes and bakeware you used.  These items will be ready the next time you reach for them.

One set of tools that I keep in the kitchen are the Rubba Dish Brushes.

They make cleaning up so easy!

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