Let There be Peace on Earth

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Dear Friends,

I got up in the middle of the night with the song Let There Be Peace on Earth ringing in my head. I wrote it down on my notepad that I keep in my bathroom. I got up this morning to see what I had written and I can’t get those words out of my head.

We turn on our TVs and see the sadness that is all over the world. We may not feel that we can do anything to help those situations, but we can take care of ourselves and create an aura of peace in your home to help you survive the bad news in the world.

Here is the essay I wrote a few years ago during the holiday season.

Let there be peace on Earth.


Dear Friends,

The big day has finally arrived. We have been thinking about or shall I say dreading or eagerly anticipating the big advent. Whether we like it or not it comes at the same speed each year for everyone of us. We can be prepared or we can be in CHAOS and we get to pick.

This is the season of peace, joy and love; but why do we need a season for these feelings? Why can’t every day be filled with this peace, joy and love? My wish this season for each of you is that you experience the peace, joy and love that I have in my heart and home. I have committed my life to helping you in your quest.

The gift I give to you is the gift of love; for with this love you find peace and joy! Love is the foundation of all things. Without it there is only CHAOS! Love is a cup that keeps getting filled up each time we drink it in our souls and share it with ourselves and with others. When we don’t love, we die inside.

Finally Loving Yourself is the pitcher that keeps filling up your cup. Love is not just a noun it is an action word. In order for you to feel love, you have to do things that turn the action into that feeling. I wish the whole world could know this love.

This kind of love is an unconditional nonjudgmental. It releases the martyr and the perfectionist in us and allows us to love ourselves and then love the world. If everyone filled their heart with this love there would be no wars, meanness or angry words. We would all live in peace with one another and find joy in the simple things of life. No one would be judging the next person and saying my religion is better than yours, there would be no terrorism or fighting; we would be living in peace and joy, by virtue of the love we have inside of us. I believe that this is what God had in mind in the first place.

Instead of calling a truce just during the holiday season to the conflicts in our lives, let’s vanquish this CHAOS throughout the rest of the year! It all starts with loving yourself. This is not a selfish act but a selfless act to bestow peace and joy upon the world around you! It all starts with treating yourself as well as you would treat neighbor.

We treat total strangers better than we treat ourselves. We beat ourselves up on a daily basis because of our perfectionism. Then we expect our family to live up to that ideal of perfect. No one can do that. There is only one who is perfect and this is God. When we strive for perfection we are in a sense attempting to be God-like. God loves us with all of our imperfection. His love will not change.

The message is one of love. Loving yourself begets loving others and sharing that message of love with the world. Don’t allow the holiday truce to disappear after the celebration turns into a New Year! Let your love shine just like your sink shines; love is contagious! When the love is on inside it can’t help but come out and bless the world.

May you have a blessed day! May your love shine!


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