It Blesses Me Too

Dear FlyLady,

You would think I would totally trust you after almost 8 years of fluttering- but I still have my moments of trying my own way, having to have things “perfect” or not at all. It’s so much easier when I stop listening to those voices that paralyze me and just jump in.

My DH started a new job 3 months ago and works crazy hours. He got home at 3:30 this morning, and I got up at 5:15. I have not been making the bed when he is sleeping, because he is in it (!), but when I get home and see the unmade bed I feel awful. I do quickly make it when I go upstairs after work (I feel so much better with the bed made) but it saddens me to walk into the room with an unmade bed.

I have read, from you and other FlyBabies, about making my side of the bed and just thought “Well, what good will THAT do? My side isn’t even near the door, I won’t notice it, and it won’t help anyway.” etc, etc, etc because I am a Perfec..well you know!

Since we are in the Master Bedroom this week, and I have tidied and decluttered in there, it is already looking very pretty. This morning, I decided to go ahead and try to make my side of the bed. I was careful and quiet, plumped up my pillows and the shams and left DH right where he was. I came home tonight from work, went upstairs to my room and HE MADE HIS SIDE OF THE BED! WHAT?????

Now, he did not put the shams on, and it was “not the way I would do it”, but I didn’t care. It looked so much better! I was thrilled, and of course I texted him and thanked him.

Housework done incorrectly still blesses my family. It blesses me too! (I will keep fluttering, and I will keep listening!)

FlyBaby Lisa in New York

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