Thanks for Tiny Steps

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks for your attitude that little steps can add up to big things.

I’ve been fluttering a few months now. I am working on including the habit ofdecluttering 15 minutes a day¬†into my routines.

I have been concentrating my efforts on our spare bedroom/study/quilting/storage room. For a small room, we ask a lot of it. It’s coming along well, and I’m seeing progress and tidier areas. But I keep seeing my cluttered bathroom counter and feeling that I want to spend time in there too. You know “have it all done at once”.

I just now realized how I can work on there too, and make it seem easy.

Every time I visit the washroom, I can do just one thing. I can throw out a magazine, or put an item away under the counter where it belongs. I’m sure within a few days it will be clear, and I can easily¬†swish and swipe.

Babysteps really do make a difference.

Thanks for helping me to recognize my own progress.

Shelly in Canada


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