Mud Pies on My Windows

Dear FlyLady,

My DH and I went fishing yesterday afternoon and traveled down a dirt and gravel road for a mile or so to get to our favorite fishin’ hole. When I started for work this morning I noticed the road dust had combined with the heavy mist to make little bitty mud pies on the rear window.

I keep a purple rag in my car to wipe the moisture off the windows, but I wasn’t sure if the outcome would be a smeared muddy mess. I took a few swipes, folded the rag, and repeated a couple of times. Amazing!!! That purple rag took off the mud, left no streaks, and it took only a minute to rinse it at the outdoor spigot before I was on my way to work with clean windows!!!!

I’ve gotta’ order lots more of those amazing purple rags to give for gifts.

Flying in KS

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