Purple Puddle Moment

We have a VERY small kitchen so no place to put the FlyLady Calendar on the fridge etc. We don’t get to have meals together either, since I work in the evenings. My husband does the most of ferrying to children to activities but he never remembers what he is meant to be doing so parties are often missed!

Anyway… A few weeks ago I was looking on the FlyLady website and I read a musing about changing the system to work for your family, and I hit on the idea of putting the calendar on the wall next to the toilet! I figured that it is the one place that everyone know the family sits and pauses everyday! It has worked so well!

And my purple puddle moment?!  Someone (not me!) has turned over the calendar for the start of the new month!!

Thank you for all that you do!
Flying in the Lake District, England

FlyLady Here: I keep my calendar in the bathroom too! It is the last thing I see before bed and the first thing I see in the morning! Get your calendars now so you will not be kicking yourself when we run out.

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