Just Tell Me What To Do

Dear FlyLady,

Every week you talk about Wednesday being Anti-Procrastination Day. Why don’t you tell us exactly what to do! It is too hard to think of what needs to be done. I had rather have a direct order.

FlyBaby M. Ready to get things done.

Dear FlyBaby M,

Many of you just want to be told what to do. This is why you love our missions in our daily flight plan. As part of our Basic Weekly Plan , we set up Wednesday to be Anti-Procrastination Day so we can do those things that we don’t like to do.

Here it is again! Anti-Procrastination Day! It is our day to:

1. Clean out your Refrigerators
2. Take inventory of what needs to be cooked (Produce, Meat, etc.)
3. Check your Calendar for next week and plan around your family’s schedule
4. Plan your menus for next week
5. Pay a bill

We have a menu planning package for you. It contains a Calendar, Saving Dinner Cookbook and our Control Journal.

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